Our theme music was composed by Antriksh Bali and we think it’s perfect for our show. Check out some of his other amazing musical compositions on his music pages.

Antriksh Bali

Antriksh Bali

Life In A Kilt Podcast Theme Composer

Antriksh Bali is an experimental / electronic music producer and audio artist based out of New Delhi, India. Having started dabbling with live performance in 2012 playing synths, drum machines and keyboards for a variety of different acts, his interest gradually moved towards composing music for film and video games. In 2014, he got accepted to pursue a Master’s degree in Scoring for Film, Television and Video Games at the Valencia campus of Berklee College of Music where he further refined his craft and subsequently went on to compose music for several short films, radio and television.

Antriksh Bali on SoundCloud
Antriksh Bali on BandCamp

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