Life In A Kilt Podcast’s “Best Thing In Life”


Frequently, we come across a great product, event, or organization which we think to be outstanding and we want to share that thing with you. Starting with Episode 22 of the podcast, we name one kilt thing each week to be our “Best Thing In Life.”

On this page, we list all of our Best Things In Life so you can experience them too. Each “Best Thing In Life” has a right to display the official “Best Thing In Life” logo on their website to let everyone know how much we love them! There are a lot of great things in this world but if is isn’t listed here, it isn’t an authentic Life In A Kilt Podcast “Best Thing In Life”


Episode 43: Brotherhood of the Kilt

Episode 42: Whisky and Tartan

Episode 41: The Photography of Neil Williamson

Episode 39: The Celtic Croft

Episode 34: A Kilt and A Cuppa

Episode 31: Kilt This!

Episode 30: Scotland Rising

Episode 29: Scottish Tartans Museum

Episode 27: Sport Kilt

Episode 26: Kate MacPherson Sporrans

Episode 25: Walker Metalsmiths Celtic Jewelry

Episode 23 : Verillas Lifestyle

Episode 22 : “The Phoenix” Kilt from OZ Kilts


*The “Best Thing In Life” is not a paid advertisement or sponsorship. Listings are based solely upon Life In A Kilt Podcast co-host’s preferences. While we love a variety of things about these products, events, companies and organizations, the resources and links listed are only suggested as sources for further exploration. They do not neccesarily imply endorsement by Life In A Kilt Podcast.