Rick has decided to move to remote Alaska for a year and live off the land. What?? Can he possibly be serious? Can a kilt wearer survive in -40 degree weather?? If he does do it, he’ll be taking along his new 100% wool Sport Kilt in the County Kilkenny, Ireland tartan. It’s awesome! Rick and Cheri discuss how they first met, which, strangely enough, also involves Alaska. Are there times when you should NEVER wear a kilt? We think we may have discovered a few occasions. See if you agree. We answer some listener email questions and start a new monthly feature on the show called the “Listener Challenge.” Do you accept this month’s Listener Challenge? Get on it then! This week’s musical feature is “Sympathy Sex” by The Dead Deads. Our Live Beer Review cracks open Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout by North Coast Brewing.

Old Rasputin