Ren Fair season is starting, providing us another great reason to put on a kilt! Cheri attended opening season of the Georgia Renaissance Festival while Rick was working late painting. Since April is jazz month, we examine the life and career of the kilted jazz bagpiper, Rufus Harley. And speaking of music, we debate the possibility of playing some independent music artists on the podcast. Good idea or not? Rick discusses things that we crave and lists a few facts about one of his cravings, popcorn. A rant soon follows about the making of kilt pins. Rick believes they are incorrectly made and attempts to sway the entire kilt pin industry to making kilt pins the way he thinks they should be made. Our Live Beer Review features Liquid Bliss from Terrapin Brewing Company. Thanks for supporting us and listening to the podcast. Subscribe to us and give a review on your podcast distributor!