Happy Tartan Day (Week) everyone! We’re all ready for our celebration with Kilt Con 2017 and hope you can get out and celebrate at the Kilt Con Event closest to you. We’ll be live broadcasting a podcast from the Atlanta Event so check LifeInAKiltPodcast.com for the latest details. On the podcast this week, we get a fantastic package filled with kilt koozies from Kilted50ForCharity. Go check him out on Facebook at Kilted 50 for Charity and order one of your own. They’re great! Thanks Mike! We examine the Burning of Atlanta: the Interstate Tragedy and talk about Game of Thrones, coal mining and kilt wearers who are doing it so much better than the rest of us. Also, Rick has apparently purchased two more kilts. Please, someone stop him before he has to mortgage his house. Cheri is just sleepy and the Live Beer Review didn’t help keep her awake. It’s the Delicious Backwoods Bastard by Founders Brewing Company. Thanks for listening, friends! Get kilted and enjoy Tartan Day!