Happy 2017 everyone! Thanks for giving us a week off but we’re happy to be back in the studio for our 20th episode! We may have gotten a little carried away celebrating the number 20 but, eh, why not? Our New Year’s celebrations were awesome! Cheri partied with friends while Rick visited The Great Smoky Mountains and Gatlinburg. Rick discusses the dangers of mixing gin and kilts. We check out some of our listener mail and help out longing lovers with a New Year’s version of Missed Connections. We indulge in a tasty brew for our Live Beer Review, Chai Spice Milk Stout by Red Brick Brewing Company. Thanks to all of you for listening to the Life In A Kilt Podcast! We appreciate you and hope you’ll send us email, suggestions, comments, whatever! Also, give us some reviews on the podcast distributor where you download us. It’s a big help. Sláinte!

Chai Spice Milk Stout by Red Brick Brewing Co