Cheri and Rick

The Life In A Kilt Podcast began as The Life In A Kilt Show with Rick and Cheri in 2013. After scheduling conflicts and life changes, the podcast was put on temporary hiatus which ended up lasting about three years.  In 2016 the podcast was relaunched with the original hosts and brand new episodes which currently are released every Thursday (give or take six days) on a weekly basis.

The Atlanta-based podcast is intended as a counterpart to Life In A Kilt Magazine and covers many kilt related topics as well as humorous banter about kilt-wearing, kilt buying and living life in a kilt. The podcast carries a mission of letting people know that kilt wearing is fun and can be undertaken by anyone who wants to strap on a kilt.

One of the regular features of the podcast, the “Live Beer Review” finds Rick and Cheri sampling a different brew each week and reviewing it for beer drinking listener’s benefit. The hosts also review other Celtic and kilt related products.