Life In A Kilt Podcast Episode 39 – That Ass Tho

Rick’s rather careless photography technique leads to a potentially compromising and embarrassing encounter with a complete stranger’s buttocks. Regardless, Rick maintains he is no perv! Discussion of the encounter turns into an examination of why we are turned on by specific body parts. Well, now, this could get interesting. One of Cheri’s friends has a celebrity encounter and it sounds like a lot of fun! Rick visits the local Goodwill store in a futile attempt to find a kilt treasure and wonders if anyone has ever gotten lucky with a thrift store kilt find. Cheri connects with a new entry in our Craigslist Missed Connections Listener Challenge. Speaking of missed connections, Rick tells of several celebrities who just missed out on getting the movie roles of their lives. Our music feature this week is “Strings” by MacKenzie. Hear more of MacKenzie’s music on BandCamp at Our Live Beer Review brings Christmas back with Back Home Gingerbread Stout by Golden Road Brewery. Thanks for listening friends! Please Subscribe and give us a review! Tell your friends about us!

Back Home Gingerbread Sout

Life In A Kilt Podcast Episode 38 – Mental Health

Things are heating up here in Atlanta but Rick is well into his way of planning a cool-down with plans to live a year in Alaska. Looks like his plans are progressing but Cheri isn’t convinced he’s thought it all out well. It’s Mental Health month and Cheri and Rick spend some time discussing depression and their own experience with it. Our listener challenge has already produced a very capable first entry and we give it a read through. Take the challenge and send us yours! We still have lots of stickers so let us know if you’d like some. Our indie music section features “Make You Love Me” by Seth Timbs. He has lots more music on GarageBand so give him a listen. The Live Beer Review pours out a refreshing Toasted Lager by Blue Point Brewing. Sláinte!

Toasted Lager

Celtic Weekend at the Georgia Renaissance Festival

At the Georgia Renaissance Festival, Austin was the first person to come up and say “Hi” to us and tell us he listens to the podcast. So we gave him Life In A Kilt Podcast stickers and put his picture on our website.

GA Ren Fest

Listener Challenge – May 2017

Fire EaterTHE CHALLENGE: Create a Craigslist “Missed Connection” classified ad which mentions Life In A Kilt Podcast.

INSTRUCTIONS: Go to your city’s local Craigslist classified ads and place a free ad in the “Missed Connections” section (The Missed Connections section is under the “Personals heading). The ad can be as creative as you would like but the ad should mention Life In A Kilt Podcast somewhere in the ad. We suggest you be entertaining, humorous or dramatic. After all, you want people to be interested in your ad and talk about it to others people and maybe even post it on their social media page. But the least you can do is make people giggle, so have fun with it. Please do not advertise or print anything illegal, slanderous, libelous or that may bring harm to others.

After publishing your ad, send us a link to it and we will show it to other listeners and read it on the podcast! Challenge expires when May 2017 expires.

REWARD: You may get a date.

The Dead Deads “Lemonade”

Another one from this week’s music feature, The Dead Deads.