Life In A Kilt Podcast Beer Tasting – Smoking Wood – Brick Store Pub

Rick and Cheri meet up with Doug in a Pub for a beer tasting trip to Atlanta’s Brick Store Pub. On the tasting menu is Smoking Wood Rye Barrel Aged Beer from The Bruery. Everyone seems to be in agreement about the beer’s taste. Give it a try for yourself.

Life In A Kilt Podcast Episode 35 – Happy Birthday To Me

It’s episode 35 and just happens to be Rick’s birthday! Rick gives himself a big birthday present and then reads a list of the things he has finally decided to stop striving for now that he’s officially an old man. Cheri goes to the Ren Fair and comes back with… A DATE! What the heck? How did this happen?? The Life In A Kilt Podcast stickers have arrived and Rick and Cheri reveal how you can get yours for FREE! Rick discovers Stillwater Kilts has been making his dream kilt pins and promptly purchases a handful of them. Cheri talks about how clutter causes her to feel more depressed, which is very bad news, taking into consideration the state of the studio. We start our music feature on this episode with “Wrecker’s Den” by Three Finger Shot. You can hear more of their music at Our Live Beer Review brings us Duck-Rabbit Milk Stout by Duck Rabbit Brewery. Thanks for listening friends!

duck rabbit milk stout

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More About the Kilt Pin Rant from Episode 34

See what I mean?? It can’t be any more difficult to make kilt pins this way. What up, kilt pin makers???