Life In A Kilt Podcast 31 – Getting Personal

Well, it’s one week until Kilt Con 2017! We’ve been planning and preparing and didn’t have time to record the podcast in our usual studio so we set up our remote equipment in Cheri’s living room. This, combined with three beers, a glass of Scotch and a glass of wine, makes Cheri a bit… chatty. Rick feels like could be a good time to reveal something personal to the listeners. How bad could that turn out? Rick and Cheri prepare for a radio interview next week and Rick is concerned Cheri might get a bit out of line (How bad could that turn out?). The Kilt Con Events are mostly settled and we encourage everyone to try to attend an Event close to you. If you can’t don’t forget, next week’s podcast will be a LIVE video podcast from Kilt Con Atlanta. Our Live Beer Review this week is Sticky Stout by Red Hare Brewing Company. See you at Kilt Con, friends!

Sticky Stout

Life In A Kilt Podcast 30: “Getting To Know You”

It was a great St. Patrick’s Day party and we give you a bit of a recap, including the joys of kilts and drunk pub girls. Rick is excited about his new kilt from Sport Kilt but is confused about why they would ship it to him in a cardboard tube. What’s the deal? Find out as he opens the tube during the podcast. Rick wonders if Cheri is happily single or could she be faking her joy? Rick proceeds to ask Cheri several questions so people can get to know her on a more intimate level. You might need a cold shower after this one. But only because it’s over 90 degrees on the second day of spring. We cut some Irish cheese and enjoy it with our Live Beer Review which this week is Allagash Brewing Company’s White. A beer which goes wonderfully well with the cheese we are eating. Thanks for listening to us, friends! Don’t forget to drop us an email and say “Hi!”

Allagash White

Life In A Kilt Podcast 29 : St. Patrick’s Day

Top o’ the Mornin’ to ye, kilties! It’s another fine St. Patrick’s week and we kick off our celebration with an interview of Anton Quinn, a most distinguished gentleman from Ireland and current General Manager of Mac McGee Irish Pub in Decatur, Georgia. We talk about everything from St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in Ireland and America to putting on the kilts for Kilt Con 2017. Back in the studio, we have an update to the cities with the best St. Patrick’s Day celebrations and share some St. Patrick’s Day trivia you might not be aware of. Rick talks about the history of Irish kilts and we discuss our upcoming Sport Kilt Giveaway. We also welcome Walker Metalsmiths Celtic Jewelry as a brand new sponsor. Go check out their great designs in rings, necklaces, kilt pins and more. This week’s Live Beer Review is a wonderful marriage of the Irish and Scottish with Innis & Gunn’s Irish Whiskey Aged Scottish Stout. Have a great St. Paddy Day, friends, but beware the green beer and inebriated kilt-lifters (unless you’re into that kind of thing).


Kilt Con 2017 : Register to Win a Complete Sport Kilt Package!

Win A Sport Kilt for Kilt Con 2017


Thanks to all who registered for the Sport Kilt package giveaway! Winner will be announced on Thursday evening at the Kilt Con Atlanta Event. Tune in to the live broadcast on the Life In A Kilt Facebook Page for the drawing!