Life In A Kilt Podcast 26 – Announcing KILT CON 2017!


In this episode we make an announcement about an upcoming event this year on Tartan Day, April 6, 2017. It’s Kilt Con 2017 and you’re all invited! All of the details are here in the podcast. Rick is on the mend from some sort of stomach thingie which caused him to carefully examine the art of hurling. Last week’s sickness to the podcast laptop is repaired and everything is back to normal there (well, except the sound screw up). Rick and Cheri try to figure out what would be the perfect Life In A Kilt Podcast Drinking Game. Speaking of drinking, two beers are reviewed in this episode: Monday Night Brewing’s Bourbon Barrel Drafty Kilt (in absentia) and Even More Jesus by Evil Twin Brewing. Get kilted up and join us for Kilt Con 2017!

Big Announcement Coming in Episode 26!

Big Announcement

Have you listened to this week’s podcast? Hope so! We have a HUGE announcement for next week’s show. We mean YUUUUGE! It’ll be the most amazing announcement you’ve ever heard! Everyone will say so! Don’t miss it! BIG!

Hair Today

For those keeping score of the Cheri hair color, this week’s hue is “yellow.” That’s “yellow.”

yellow hair

A Best Thing In Life Mashup!

They said it couldn’t be done but somebody went and did it! That’s right, some genius created a video which takes scenes from one of Cheri’s favorite things (Serenity and Firefly) and added a soundtrack by Rick’s favorite band and “Best Thing In Life,” Fluid Ounces! There may not be anything greater in Life In A Kilt Podcast Land. So enjoy!

Life In A Kilt Podcast 25: Post Love Blues

It’s after Valentine’s Day (no it’s not!). Yes it is! A little chat about post V.D. activities as well as a last minute chance to find a Missed Connection. We discuss, Kilt, Scottish and Irish stereotypes and wonder why those are still publicly exploited. Cheri gets a gift and Rick offers to give the same gift to 2 listeners if they just do one thing. Our Live Beer Review lets Jekyll’s  ‘Merica American Amber Ale beer flow! Keep in touch friends! Send us mail! Give the podcast a review on iTunes!

Merican Amber Ale