Life In A Kilt Podcast #14 Thanksgiving 2016

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our American friends and family! What are you thankful for this year? We’re thankful that you downloaded our podcast! In this episode we discuss the turducken gone wrong, Rick’s ongoing auction for an original Scotty Wallace and His Irresistible Kilt of Freedom cartoon, and play a quiz called “William Wallace or a turkey?” In the Live Beer Review we become enchanted by an amazing brew called Dragon’s Milk by New Holland Brewing.


It’s Bad.

If you listened to this week’s podcast episode, you know what this is about.


Life In A Kilt Podcast #13 – Did Someone Call a Tow Truck?

Well, the election is over and we’re all preparing for a Trump Presidency. Will we see him in a kilt? We discuss the election results and attempt to be reasonable and non offensive and, by gosh, I think we did pretty good! The real heartbreak of the week is Cheri wrecked Rick’s car. Crashed it up pretty bad. So to take our minds off of the tragedy of it all, we discuss folding a great kilt and washing a dirty one. You have to some time, you know? Our Live Beer Review finds us downing a delicious Southern Pecan Nut Brown Ale by Lazy Magnolia Brewing Company. Strap on your kilt and join us.


LIAKP Episode 12 : Guest Doug Johnson

It’s our first on location podcast! We sit around the big table in the snug at Mac McGee’s Irish Pub in Decatur Georgia for a chat with kilt-wearer extraordinaire, Doug Johnson. Doug is the founder of the internet site Pebble in the Pool and shares with us his story of surviving depression and suicide with the help of the kilt. We discuss why wearing a kilt “completes us” and wonder if they are actually man-girdles (Naaah). The talk moves to clown college, balloon penises and being the official spokesmen of all things Scottish. For the Live Beer Review, we all three review Sound Czech Pils by Terrapin Beer Company in spite of Cheri’s newly revealed can phobia.



Recording On Location at Mac McGee’s

We recorded Episode 12 last night at Mac McGee’s Pub in Atlanta with special guest Doug Johnson. Doug is a regular kilt wearer with an interesting story so you’ll want to download the episode next week to hear about it. In the meantime, you can see what Doug is up to by joining his Pebble in the Pool Facebook Page. It’s the perfect group if you want to help make a positive impact in life.

We also met a couple other kilt wearers including Peter B. Slayer who hung out awhile and posed in kilt with us. Great time! Thanks to Doug Johnson for being our first podcast guest and to Mac McGee’s for reserving the snug for our recording.



Peter B. Slayer, Rick, Cheri and Doug Johnson bring the Kilt Gospel to Mac McGee’s Pub in Atlanta.