Life In A Kilt Podcast Episode 35 – Happy Birthday To Me

It’s episode 35 and just happens to be Rick’s birthday! Rick gives himself a big birthday present and then reads a list of the things he has finally decided to stop striving for now that he’s officially an old man. Cheri goes to the Ren Fair and comes back with… A DATE! What the heck? How did this happen?? The Life In A Kilt Podcast stickers have arrived and Rick and Cheri reveal how you can get yours for FREE! Rick discovers Stillwater Kilts has been making his dream kilt pins and promptly purchases a handful of them. Cheri talks about how clutter causes her to feel more depressed, which is very bad news, taking into consideration the state of the studio. We start our music feature on this episode with “Wrecker’s Den” by Three Finger Shot. You can hear more of their music at Our Live Beer Review brings us Duck-Rabbit Milk Stout by Duck Rabbit Brewery. Thanks for listening friends!

duck rabbit milk stout

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Life In A Kilt Podcast Episode 34 – The Jazz Piper

Ren Fair season is starting, providing us another great reason to put on a kilt! Cheri attended opening season of the Georgia Renaissance Festival while Rick was working late painting. Since April is jazz month, we examine the life and career of the kilted jazz bagpiper, Rufus Harley. And speaking of music, we debate the possibility of playing some independent music artists on the podcast. Good idea or not? Rick discusses things that we crave and lists a few facts about one of his cravings, popcorn. A rant soon follows about the making of kilt pins. Rick believes they are incorrectly made and attempts to sway the entire kilt pin industry to making kilt pins the way he thinks they should be made. Our Live Beer Review features Liquid Bliss from Terrapin Brewing Company. Thanks for supporting us and listening to the podcast. Subscribe to us and give a review on your podcast distributor!


Life In A Kilt Podcast Episode 33 – “Arrive Alive”

We’re feeling a bit mellow in Episode 33 after all the Tartan Day Kilt Con festivities. After a bit of a recap of the festivities, Rick mentions some facts about the month of April and reveals some rejected Department of Transportation road signs. Cheri goes on a beer adventure with Doug in a Pub and Rick opens his new kilts. Everything winds up with a Live Beer Review of Vienna Lager from Devil’s Backbone Brewing Company.

Vienna Lager

Life In A Kilt Podcast Episode 32 – Tartan Day

Happy Tartan Day (Week) everyone! We’re all ready for our celebration with Kilt Con 2017 and hope you can get out and celebrate at the Kilt Con Event closest to you. We’ll be live broadcasting a podcast from the Atlanta Event so check for the latest details. On the podcast this week, we get a fantastic package filled with kilt koozies from Kilted50ForCharity. Go check him out on Facebook at Kilted 50 for Charity and order one of your own. They’re great! Thanks Mike! We examine the Burning of Atlanta: the Interstate Tragedy and talk about Game of Thrones, coal mining and kilt wearers who are doing it so much better than the rest of us. Also, Rick has apparently purchased two more kilts. Please, someone stop him before he has to mortgage his house. Cheri is just sleepy and the Live Beer Review didn’t help keep her awake. It’s the Delicious Backwoods Bastard by Founders Brewing Company. Thanks for listening, friends! Get kilted and enjoy Tartan Day!

Live Broadcast on Facebook

We’ve decided to do our Kilt Con Atlanta live stream broadcast on the Life In A Kilt Facebook Page. You can tune in Thursday evening to watch it if you want to. It’ll start around 8PM EST and you should be able to comment to us which we’ll try to read and respond to during the broadcast. Just be nice to us. We’ve never live streamed before and we’re bound to muck it up in as many ways as we possibly can.

Life In A Kilt Podcast 31 – Getting Personal

Well, it’s one week until Kilt Con 2017! We’ve been planning and preparing and didn’t have time to record the podcast in our usual studio so we set up our remote equipment in Cheri’s living room. This, combined with three beers, a glass of Scotch and a glass of wine, makes Cheri a bit… chatty. Rick feels like could be a good time to reveal something personal to the listeners. How bad could that turn out? Rick and Cheri prepare for a radio interview next week and Rick is concerned Cheri might get a bit out of line (How bad could that turn out?). The Kilt Con Events are mostly settled and we encourage everyone to try to attend an Event close to you. If you can’t don’t forget, next week’s podcast will be a LIVE video podcast from Kilt Con Atlanta. Our Live Beer Review this week is Sticky Stout by Red Hare Brewing Company. See you at Kilt Con, friends!

Sticky Stout

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"Break Away"
by Antriksh Bali


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